Condo and homeowner association Board members are often faced with competing demands. Without a clear vision and supporting goals for the community, managing the course of action is difficult at best. Setting goals can unite Board members and homeowners, and it helps position everyone on the same path. Establishing community goals only takes a few steps. Here are some pointers to help create common objectives and purpose in your association.


  1. Seek input:  It’s important to know the concerns of the homeowners so that Board members can set goals to address these concerns.  A questionnaire is an excellent way of gathering information.
  2. Brainstorm: Ask Board members about the issues that need to be addressed.
  3. Prioritize: After you capture all the input for community goals, you’ll probably find that there are too many to do simultaneously. Prioritize and create a list that Board members can support.
  4. Appoint committees: Goals provide a path to involve community homeowners, so get others involved in working toward a goal.
  5. Delegate: One person can’t manage all community goals. Let other Board members lead some of the efforts. Your property management company may be ideal to direct work on a goal. Divide leadership and you’ll be able to accomplish more.
  6. Measure progress: Work that gets measured is more likely to be done. It’s a good idea to help committees develop a timeline and measurements to keep them on target and accountable for results.
  7. Review progress: Get updates on goal progress at Board meetings. A quick snapshot of what’s happened is all that you need to keep the community on track.
  8. Communicate: Include goal progress in your newsletters, on your website and other communication channels so that all homeowners will be aware of the projects.
  9. Celebrate: Acknowledge committee members when they attain a goal. Recognition in a meeting, a letter, a lunch with Board members, etc. are all good ways to celebrate achievements.

10. Identify new goals: There’s always plenty to do in a community, so new goals may be waiting in the wings. Make it an annual project so the Board can identify new goals to keep your community moving forward.




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