When you want to motivate your owners to volunteer or recognize a homeowner who goes above and beyond for the community, reducing HOA fees is the perfect incentive. Or is it? Ask any property management expert, and he or she will tell you that waiving or discounting HOA assessment fees is not a good idea and is illegal in some states. Even if your state doesn’t prohibit such discounts, there are better ways to say “Thank You” to homeowners in your community.

  1. Send a letter to thank an owner for all they do for the community. Make it unique and call attention to shared memories.
  2. Grab your phone and shoot a quick video to convey your thanks. Post it on your website, social media pages and/or email it to the homeowner.
  3. Food says thanks. Give them a surprise sweet treat or a small gift card to Starbucks.
  4. Recognize the homeowner in an HOA meeting. Everyone appreciates knowing that their contributions are valued.
  5. Offer compensation to a homeowner who is doing the work that a vendor would typically handle, i.e., opening the pool. 
  6. Feature their work in your newsletter or on the community website.
  7. Be unique in your thanks. I remember reading about a someone being thanked with a potted plant of Thyme & a “Thank you for volunteering your Thyme.”
  8. Take a photo of the homeowner and paste it in a blank card or frame it. Include a personal thank you note to your exceptional volunteer.
  9. Write a poem, cook a casserole or make a dessert. If you have a special hobby that you enjoy doing, use it to thank community volunteers. 
  10. Create a “Wall of Fame” in your meeting room. Recognize one volunteer or do a photo collage of several volunteers. Make sure you depict people in action – doing what they do best.

Before you act, discuss your ideas in a Board meeting. Your HOA Board needs to agree on recognizing a volunteer(s).

You get the idea. It’s important to show your volunteers that you appreciate them, and there are unlimited ways that you can say thanks without stretching your budget.

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