So many condo and homeowners association Board leaders fall into the quicksand of believing that they can fix other Board members or homeowners. You can help, guide and point the way, but only the person can fix something about himself or herself. Leaders don’t fix people. People have to fix themselves if they truly want to be fixed.

You need to avoid the “fix them” mentality. What you want to shoot for is being a leader who helps to develop skills for others. Yet you must balance this with a focus for getting the job done.  So, where’s the sweet spot that you need to be to maximize developing others while leading your Board?  Here are five ways to avoid the “I’ll Fix You” mentality.

Don’t clear the way.  Leaders provide resources and/or remove barriers. They provide clear directions.  But, there are likely obstacles that other Board members or committees encounter in their quests.  Provide coaching and guidance, but recognize that they have to put forth effort to reach success.  You’re a team, and each member has to pull their own weight.

Know your limits. You cannot perform all jobs for all Board members. If it were physically possible for you to do all the jobs yourself, you wouldn’t need Board members. As a leader, you have to recognize that it’s not you who has failed when you provide clear directions, yet nothing has changed.  Outcomes are not always predictable, especially when projects involve the input of multiple people. Don’t beat yourself up over not doing more.

Be mindful of your need for control. There’s more than one way to do almost anything. Do you find yourself wanting to pull other Board members into your way of doing things?  Force yourself to step back and let them find their own way of doing things.  Sure, it’s great to offer input on short cuts and best practices. But, ultimately, the job is theirs to manage in the way that suits them best.

Explore your motives. Think about whether you want the spotlight yourself or if you are really trying to help a fellow Board member. Helping people improve their skills is an ongoing process, not a singular event, that’s focused on them. You want what’s best for them and the community instead of trying to get yourself in the spotlight.

Cultivating the skills of Board and committee members is part of your leadership duties. Make sure that you strike a balance – don’t over direct and don’t leave them with no guidance.  Striking the right balance helps push the association to function on a higher level, and that’s what good leaders do.


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