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Managing Homeowner Expectations of the Landscaper

Homeowners all have expectations of their community association’s landscaper. The problems begin when expectations aren’t met. Managing those expectations is a key contributor to a successful and mutually beneficial long-term relationship. For many homeowners’...

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Check With Your HOA Before You Decorate

Before you break out the crates filled with holiday cheer or buy that new outdoor-lighted display, you may want to check with your Homeowner’s Association. Whether you rent or own, the HOA’s rules apply to all residents of the community. Read your HOA covenants or...

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12 HOA Wrap-Up Tasks for Year-End

Wrap up the year to set your homeowner association up for success. ‘Tis the season for doing things in groups of twelve. Think about the 12 days of Christmas, 12 family activities, Apple’s 12 days of gifts, etc. Here are our 12 HOA wrap-up tasks your Board should do...

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6 Tips For Christmas Tree Safety

The Christmas tree is one of the many elaborate symbols of the holiday season for many people.  Who doesn’t love the fresh pine scent! Twinkling lights! Ornaments that take you down memory lane!  But, live Christmas trees can be a hazard if you don’t follow the safety...

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Realistic Planning in Your HOA

When the topic of developing a plan for your HOA comes up during your next board meeting, it may not be well received by members. Some may feel a true plan isn’t necessary and they’re happy flying by the seat of their pants. Don’t believe it – failing to plan is in...

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Spring Maintenance

It’s that time of the year, when the weather’s getting warmer and you’re itching to do some spring cleaning. While that applies to pretty much all of us, it’s also the perfect time of the year for your homeowners association to make sure everything is in order for...

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Wi-Fi Safety Around Pools, Public Buildings

Many homeowners associations offer free Wi-Fi around public areas such as pools and clubhouses. In order to make use of it, members will need to agree to the terms and conditions of HOA policy. HOAs will ask that members abide by the association’s Internet policy,...

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HOA’s Should Adopt a Board Code of Ethics

While it's certainly not mandatory, the board of directors for your homeowner's association (HOA) should think seriously about implementing a code of ethics, which would serve to aid in the management of the HOA, as well as help community members. What exactly is a...

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Expectations of HOA Board Members

A functioning homeowners’ association is crucial to the success of planned residential communities and all HOA’s are only as strong as their board. Those serving on an HOA board must first be dedicated, wanting only the best for the community. They also need to have a...

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What You Need To Know About CAI

The Community Associations Institute (CAI) is an international membership organization that is dedicated to building better communities and has more than 33,500 members and works in partnerships with 60 chapters. CAI’s mission is to provide homeowner volunteers who...

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Best Practices for Board Members

If you’ve never served on a Homeowners Association board, it’s important you understand what your duties, responsibilities and obligations are and that you are, in fact, acting as a fiduciary on behalf of your fellow owners. First and foremost, you must take your...

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Effective HOA Meetings

It can be frustrating to be part of a meeting that’s disorganized and seems to go on and on. It’s not difficult to run an effective HOA meeting – all you need to do is follow these simple guidelines:   Make sure you have a plan. The last thing you need is to call...

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Which Hat? HOA Board vs. Good Neighbor

Most of us wear many different hats in our daily lives. Perhaps you juggle the hats of a spouse, parent, worker, friend, HOA Board member, neighbor, etc. Keeping your personal and professional lives separate is challenging. Many HOA Board members find it even more...

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Unresolved Problems

This video will provide the necessary information needed when dealing with unresolved problems in your HOA. It not only covers the basics involved, but also includes different ways to handle these issues.  For example, the issues could range from communication...

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