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Best Practices for Board Members

If you’ve never served on a Homeowners Association board, it’s important you understand what your duties, responsibilities and obligations are and that you are, in fact, acting as a fiduciary on behalf of your fellow owners. First and foremost, you must take your...

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Effective HOA Meetings

It can be frustrating to be part of a meeting that’s disorganized and seems to go on and on. It’s not difficult to run an effective HOA meeting – all you need to do is follow these simple guidelines:   Make sure you have a plan. The last thing you need is to call...

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Which Hat? HOA Board vs. Good Neighbor

Most of us wear many different hats in our daily lives. Perhaps you juggle the hats of a spouse, parent, worker, friend, HOA Board member, neighbor, etc. Keeping your personal and professional lives separate is challenging. Many HOA Board members find it even more...

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Unresolved Problems

This video will provide the necessary information needed when dealing with unresolved problems in your HOA. It not only covers the basics involved, but also includes different ways to handle these issues.  For example, the issues could range from communication...

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10 Things Your Homeowners Wish Your HOA Board Knew

Homeowners choose to buy a home in a managed association for a combination of reasons. They like the standards that maintain property appearance and values. They have access to amenities they might not be able to afford on their own. They lack either the time or skill...

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Core Values and Expectations for HOA Board Members

Board members come together from vastly different backgrounds to focus on the common goal of serving their community. Some are inclined to research the smallest decision while others make decisions based on experience. This diversity helps bring different perspectives...

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Board Members

This video will provide the necessary information needed when preparing to be on the board for your HOA. It not only covers the basics involved, but also includes different ways to be a successful board member.  For example, your role on the board is to "Preserve,...

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Legal Obligations for HOA Board Members

Many HOA Board members don’t fully understand the legal obligations that come with serving their community. You rarely see one document that completely lists all responsibilities. State law may determine some. Governing documents outline others. And other regulations...

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Onboarding Techniques for HOA Boards

A new HOA Board member’s effectiveness directly relates to your onboarding techniques. It’s much more than an introduction and welcome. Starting your new HOA Board members off on the right foot sets them—and the entire Board— up for success. Here are some ways to...

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Structuring Your HOA Board

Successful homeowner associations need a strong Board of Directors. Members understand their role and responsibilities. They have a roadmap. They work individually and as a team to manage association business as set forth in the governing documents. Does your HOA...

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5 Tips for Effective HOA Meetings

Are your HOA meetings running long? Is your Board chasing rabbits more than accomplishing community goals? If this sounds like your Board meetings, you’re not alone. In fact, almost every HOA Board has found itself in this situation at some point. Implementing these...

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Watch Your Body Language in HOA Communications

Many HOA Board members present information at annual meetings, committee gatherings and other HOA events. Do you know that verbal communications only account for about 35% of how the audience perceives your message (words, tone, inflection, etc.)? The remaining 65%...

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Role of Good Conflict in HOA Decisions

Chances are that the word “conflict” carries a negative connation that makes you cringe. But, don’t be put off by conflict among your HOA Board members. If you allow conflict to reign, it can be a source of destruction. Managed effectively, conflict can bring about...

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Rate Your HOA Board’s Strategic Leadership Skills

HOA Board members possess a wide variety of talents and skills. Each person brings a different perspective based on his/her experiences and knowledge. Although your Board members may be quite diverse, you can still have knowledge gaps. How does your Board rate in...

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