A volunteer is someone who assists your Board or community without pay.  While many people think volunteers can bend the rules, they are accountable and subject to the same policies and procedures that apply to the Board of Directors and other homeowners.

Active volunteers come in both sexes and in all sizes, shapes, colors, and personalities. New volunteers broaden the perspective in your community. They bring new skills, new ideas and unique experience.  Homeowners who volunteer in homeowners associations (HOAs) are interested in working to make the community a better place in which to live.

Spring is upon us, so we now turn to new projects and community plans. Thus, this is the ideal time to think about expanding the number of volunteers in your association. The Board can’t do all the work themselves. Committees and volunteers are needed to research, analyze and execute.

Successful volunteers have these common traits:

  • Kindness and genuinely likes people. A kind volunteer goes a long way because everyone can use more “nice things” in their lives.
  • Initiative and determination.  A great volunteer isn’t afraid to take tackle projects because they take ownership in projects – there for the long-term to help organize. They are willing to look at timelines, how to do the project and who should be involved.
  • Excellent communication skills. They ask questions, listen and document their work. A great volunteer is willing to share knowledge and help others.
  • Active effort to promote the community.  They may not have all the skills for a specific project, but they recruit help from others and participate where they can.
  • Willingness to learn new things. Volunteers have to adapt to changes along the way. They recognize that flexibility is key to getting the job done while building relationships along the way.

People of all ages and backgrounds are willing to commit some time to serving your community.  They don’t usually knock on your door, so the HOA Board has to find the people who are willing to invest in the community.  While it takes time to identify good volunteers, it pays huge dividends for the association.

Ongoing recruiting is the best way to keep steady stream of reliable volunteers for your HOA. But, spring is always especially busy for most people. That’s why you want to make sure to start recruiting volunteers early—and before their time is committed to other efforts.


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