There’s a lot of work involved in running a homeowners association, and the Board members can’t do everything themselves. While the Board usually does the heavy lifting, committees can focus on specific tasks assigned by the Board. These volunteers provide additional resources for research, oversee social functions in the community or add hands-on management of other tasks. In short, the strength of your association is directly related to the effective volunteer efforts of the owners.  

An advantage of committees is that they can draw on member expertise, such as an architect to serve on a building committee. An HOA Board sets up committees when assistance is needed to carry out a task or when an issue requires more resources or research. Committees may be temporary or permanent, depending on the need for short-term or ongoing work.

Although most HOA committees serve in an advisory capacity, the Board can choose to delegate some of its powers to the committee. The Board depends on the findings and recommendations of its committees, so these volunteers play a critical role within the association. Some committees that could help your HOA Board are: 

  • Finance committee oversees income and expenses in addition to the reserve fund.
  • Architectural committee evaluates exterior changes to individual units to ensure modifications comply with guidelines.
  • Special event committee coordinates one-time, annual or multiple community events.
  • Communications committee oversees website, social media, and other communications to owners.
  • Landscape committee manages maintenance and designs for common areas and/or individual lawn compliance with guidelines. 
  • Welcome committee introduces new residents to the community and/or city.
  • Pool committee handles pool activities and coordinates maintenance on the pool and surrounding area.
  • Elections committee oversees the voting process for the association.
  • Master Planning committee develops a long-term community vision with recommended updates and modifications.

Committees need clear objectives to function efficiently, and Boards should ensure that these are developed before establishing the committee. It’s difficult for a team to deliver the result you’re expecting without an understanding of the purpose. In addition, it’s important for potential volunteers to understand time expectations so they can decide if their schedule allows them to participate fully on the committee.  

Homeowner Associations gain many benefits from committees in addition to Board assistance. Volunteers bring a variety of experience, backgrounds, education and perspectives to the table. This diversity often combines both traditional and new approaches for carrying out tasks— adding efficiencies and bringing new ideas that a successful community needs.


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