association-management-specialistsVarious credentials come to light as your Board enters the process of selecting a property management company.  Are credentials more than just a few letters after a name?  Absolutely.  Credentials stand for comprehensive knowledge about community management that is critical to running a successful condo or homeowner association.

Medical doctors often certify in specialties such as oncology, orthopedics, pediatrics, etc.  If you need a knee replacement, you turn to an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in knees.  Certification is much the same for property management companies.  Certifications show that a property manager is dedicated to staying current on best practices and association management issues.  The Community Association Institute (CAI) offers a credentialing program that includes the following designations:

CMCA®—Certified Manager of Community Associations®

AMS®—Association Management Specialist®

PCAM®—Professional Community Association Manager®

In addition to personal credentials, it’s important to gather information about the property management company you’re considering. Does the company have experience managing associations similar to yours?  References from long-term clients speak volumes about their level of services.  Look for the AAMC® (Accredited Association Management Company®) designation. This helps ensure that company managers have the skills, experience and integrity to help your community association succeed.

Streamlining processes is another important service for property management companies.  The right framework brings unmatched efficiencies and effectiveness that relieves your Board members of manual duties.  Companies that have employees involved in industry associations are typically more up on industry technologies and best practices. Ask about involvement in association policies, education and other groups.

Looking at credentials for potential property managers is a good way to gauge skills, knowledge and professional dedication. So, yes, the letters behind a property manager’s name are important. They indicate dedication and commitment to stay on the leading edge of their profession.


Wise Property Solutions is East Tennessee’s only Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC®).  As the region’s leader in community association management, the firm is committed to the industry’s best practices and continuing professional development. Wise Property Solutions’ certified and highly trained property managers empower well-organized and efficient communities. The firm maintains offices in both Knoxville and the Tri-Cities.

Tri-Cities, TN-VA: 423-926-7373

Knoxville, TN: 865-643-8989

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