When you accepted a position on your condominium or homeowner association Board, you probably thought that you had some expertise that could help move the community forward. Perhaps you are an accountant, attorney, contractor or possess another skill that your association needs.  Nearly every profession has something to bring to the community’s table due to the diverse issues that a Board addresses. But, one of the most important skills that you can bring to the Board is the ability to communicate with others. Here are some tips to boost communication within your community.


  • As a Board member, you find yourself communicating more than you may think. You’ll need to discuss issues with other Board members. You’ll explain rules, policies and answer homeowner questions frequently. In addition, you’ll probably need to communicate with the association’s vendors, volunteers and others that serve your community.  Practicing effective communications is essential to building a strong community.


  • Consistent communication is important so that everyone knows what’s happening in the community.  How are the quality and/or quantity of your Board’s communication with homeowners? If your communication has dwindled to superficial small talk, assign a team to revamp it. Consistency and relevant content are vital for effective communications to homeowners.


  • Reaching homeowners is key for good communications. Today’s technology has changed communication channels, so you need to evaluate the effectiveness for your association.  For example, email and website are great tools if all your homeowners use Internet communications. For those owners who do not use Internet, email and website communications are useless. Identify and use the communication channels that provide maximum reach. Many HOA Boards find that combining different communication methods is effective.


  • Every resident in a community needs to know their rights and responsibilities. CAI has an excellent document that serves as a guideline for everyone involved in the community. It’s free, so print it or send a link to Board members, committee members, homeowners and other residents. It’s also an excellent document for realtors and potential buyers to help them gain an understanding of community living.


  • Communication is a two-way street. When you talk with others, always give them time to communicate their issues. Ask questions and get the details so you can explain the issue to others if needed. Many people try to rush through some conversations, but you can’t control what the other person has to say. So, slow down and be patient. Remember, it’s the conversation that is happening right now that is important.




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