A homeowner association is the cornerstone of a planned residential community that brings stability and organization to the community. The HOA maintains common areas in the neighborhood, and it protects the property values throughout the neighborhood.


An association needs a strong board of directors who can create a thriving community. The directors must have a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the association. A history of the community also plays a role in determining what needs to be accomplished. Board members are responsible managing all of the association’s business affairs in accordance with legal standards and governing documents.


When you consider all the elements that the Board manages for an association, it can be a daunting task. That’s why new Board members often ask about expectations beyond the responsibility of the office they hold. Here are some of the general expectations for Board members.


Identify. Know the responsibilities of the Board position you assume and the time it requires.

Listen. Input from association members and experts is critical to making the right decisions.

Recruit. Appoint committees and enlist volunteer homeowners to oversee special projects.

Communicate. Keep homeowners and other Board members informed on all topics.

Enforce. Understand and consistently implement the HOA rules, regulations and penalties.

Create. Set up sound fiscal policies, budgets and reserve funds

Attend. Be available for and participate in meetings.


Most of the issues that you hear will be problems. Your challenge as a Board member is to turn these problems into opportunities to improve the community. However, you should recognize that you cannot resolve every issue to the satisfaction of all homeowners because you must consider what is good for the community as a whole.


Operating a homeowner association has many of the same duties and responsibilities as overseeing any other business. When you agree to serve on the Board, it’s an opportunity to have voice in how the community is run. Yes, it’s serious business that takes some time, but you’ll find that making a positive difference in your community is a valuable and rewarding experience.


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