Good Property Managers Don’t Stand Still

Gone are the days when “on-the-job” training meant someone was a professional property manager. HOAs first emerged in the mid-19th century in the United States. Fueled by rising construction costs and lending changes, association growth exploded in the 1960s.  Today’s community associations are complex businesses that require a diverse range of skills and knowledge to manage. Ongoing development and certification isn’t just a nicety for professional property managers—it’s a necessity.


You’ve probably heard, “if you are not moving forward, you’re moving backward.” That statement is on the money for property management. State laws, systems and industry trends are always evolving. There is no standing still. If a manager isn’t staying on top of industry issues, something will pass them by.  Depending on the issue, missing something can have far-reaching and costly consequences for community associations.


At Wise Property Solutions, we invest considerable time and money to train our community managers. Training isn’t complete when initial classes end. Managing community associations requires business acumen and an awareness of industry laws, technology, social responsibility and much more. Leadership and negotiation skills are mandatory to address evolving community challenges and issues.  Ongoing professional development and certifications is the only way that our community managers can keep their skills honed to deliver exceptional service for our clients.


“New” issues are always cropping up in associations. While you may not have seen the scenario, it’s likely that an experienced property manager has met with the issue or a similar situation.  Professional development also offers extensive resources for property managers. Our property managers reach out to each other to discuss the effect of new laws, brainstorm solutions and other industry trends. In addition, each manager is encouraged to participate in industry organizations and network with other professionals. This gives them vast resources with a wide range of expertise in community management.


Poor property management can cause big problems, so it’s not a profession that you want someone to learn as they go. Every homeowner pays for the mistakes, and some can be costly or create legal hazards. When you look for a property manager, ask about: 1. Certifications, 2. Professional development; 3. Organizational involvement; 4. Resources.


If property managers aren’t moving forward, they’re moving backward. Standing still isn’t an option when you manage community associations.




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