Many people choose to live in a homeowner association because of amenities that are important to them.  For example, few people can afford or even have sufficient space for their own tennis courts, which is a common feature in many HOAs.  Playing tennis is a popular activity in East Tennessee, so an HOA with tennis courts enjoys a big draw with these potential homeowners. There’s no one amenity that appeals to every person, so all potential owners are moved by a different set of amenities.

Convenience says it all.  Tennis courts are conveniently located within the neighborhood, and often can be reserved in advance. When it comes to playing tennis, it’s hard to beat the courts in your own back yard. 

HOAs typically do an outstanding job of providing unique amenities for their homeowners, and walking trails is a good example. If your pace is more about a leisurely walk at sunset or a quick wake-me-up walk on a cool autumn morning, you are probably looking for a community that has walking trails. It’s an ideal place for enjoying the sounds and sights of nature, exercising or just getting out of the house for a short time.  Almost everyone enjoys walking outside when the weather permits.  

Having access to a clubhouse attracts some people to association living. When you enjoy larger get-togethers with friends and family, a clubhouse is the perfect spot. It’s especially useful when you need tables and chairs. A clubhouse is an attractive amenity for people who want to entertain.   

The best advice for new homeowners in an association: Get involved. Community activities are a great place for meeting new people. Explore all the amenities offered by your HOA.  Say hello to your neighbor.  Check out your clubhouse. When you take advantage of the benefits offered by your homeowner association, you can see your assessment dollars at work.  

Because there are many features and services that aren’t available in other housing options, homeowner and condominium associations appeal to a wide range of people. For many, an HOA fits their lifestyle perfectly—giving them that “I’m home” feeling, and that’s a good feeling.


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