Most homeowner associations face the challenge of not having enough volunteers to keep everything going. In a business, specific roles are assigned to individual people, but it’s common for HOAs to designate multiple responsibilities to each Board member. Thus, it’s a stretch for your HOA Board to manage just the necessities to keep your community operating, and many lower priority issues fall between the cracks. Developing a solid management plan is crucial to reaching your goals.

When time is at a minimum, many HOA Boards jump from one issue to the next without considering the effect and the long-term good of the association. For example, they want to terminate the landscape contract in July or hire snow removal during a blizzard. The timing is poor for either move, but this is the norm when we’re in reactive mode. Community management is only as good as the plan behind it. 

The value of the plan is to ensure that key considerations are anticipated and sufficient time and attention is devoted before taking action. A management plan allows the board (and just as importantly its manager) an opportunity to map out the important tasks and due dates so that nothing is missed. This advance planning gives Board members a chance to explore the best options for the community instead of being forced into a knee-jerk reaction.

Developing a management plan doesn’t have to be complicated. Stick with the basics as you capture the community tasks, person responsible, and due dates. Associate a budget figure with a task when needed. If your Board members are technological savvy, they may choose to create a management plan via a free online planning resource. A spreadsheet, Word document or paper works just as well. The important thing is that you capture who is responsible for doing what and when.

This plan becomes a working document that guides the association both in the current year and in future years. It’s a helpful resource for new board members as they seek to understand the rhythm of the association’s year. Revisit your management plan regularly to make sure that it is updated and objectives are being met.

A management plan brings everything together into one integrated process, making it easier to forecast the community’s needs.  Following the plan keeps your HOA Board focused on the immediately critical tasks, and helps Board members respond to association issues efficiently and effectively. 

Whether you’re a small association or a larger community, a management plan will make a positive difference in getting the right things done at the right time. Get started on a management plan today, and see the benefits for yourself.


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