Many homeowners in an association aren’t aware of open Board meetings and why they are important.  The value of an open meeting?  Priceless when it concerns your property. Concisely, an HOA Board must make almost all of their decisions in meetings that are open to homeowners. The reason: it ensure that each homeowner is informed (or has the opportunity to be informed) about important decisions that affect the community.  It’s not about being re-elected in the next election. Open meetings hold the Board members accountable to homeowners and listen to concerns. HOA actions are also evidence in lawsuits that homeowners bring against an HOA Board.


While It’s not the law in Tennessee. Boards owe it to homeowners to make them aware of HOA Board meetings. Open Board meetings reduce the likelihood of Board members acting on personal or political agendas. Instead, meetings focus on issues that serve the common interest of the HOA. No secret meetings and decisions made in private. Check your governing documents and state laws because they will address how open HOA Board meetings must be.


Most associations limit attendance to owners and tenants.  Sometimes, vendors are asked to attend association meetings when there are relevant topics. They can give helpful advice about services that their company provides to the association.


Board members occasionally hold executive sessions that are not open to the members of the association. Typically, pending litigation, personnel issues and contract negotiations are discussed in these executive sessions. It’s important to capture the outcome of decisions in the minutes for future reference, but the details are not usually open to members.


Transparent meetings are the right thing to do to promote harmony in your community.  If the governing documents in your association don’t specify open meetings, consider changing them. Open meetings in an association is a way to maintain the highest level of transparency. “Trust of the Board” goes a long way toward a happy and successful community. 


So, what’s the price tag of an open meeting? Priceless when you think about the trust you establish among homeowners and how it moves the community to a higher level of success.



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