Few of us are strangers to the “I’ll do it tomorrow” thinking.  The decision or action may not be complex, yet we still delay until the very last moment. We stress about it and tell ourselves that we’ll do it tomorrow. Yet, when tomorrow becomes today, the temptation to postpone is just as strong. The benefits of overcoming procrastination go beyond taking action and reducing stress. Some of the best “Aha” moments happen when you aren’t cramming at the 11th hour.

When you allow adequate time for a project, you break it down into smaller steps that you do over several days or weeks.  This gives your mind time to process the different elements “in the background” of consciousness.  You aren’t working on the problem all the time, but your mind problem-solves while you sleep, exercise, or do other everyday tasks. Your best creativity and insights come during this off time—not when you start just before a deadline.

In a recent blog on CMCA Corner, “The Unexpected Antidote to Procrastination”, Peter Bregman hit the sweet spot between surfing and procrastination.  “No matter how good, how experienced, how graceful they were on the wave, every surfer ended their ride in precisely the same way: By falling.”  Regardless of whether the ride was a success or a failure, every surfer grabs their board and paddles out to catch the next good wave. Mr. Bregman asks the question “What if we all lived life like a surfer on a wave?”

Think about your HOA Board members. Are they like surfers—always ready to catch the next wave? Or, are they procrastinators who wait until the 11th hour to take action and make decisions?  If your Board is typical, you have some procrastinators, a surfer or two and some fall in the middle.

Fear of failure or fear of the unknown is often behind procrastination.  But, surfers learn from their mistakes and keep striving for the perfect ride, even though they know they will make mistakes and fall at the end. They welcome getting out of their comfort zone to try new ways to improve the next ride.

Shifting your HOA Board to embrace a little of the surfer outlook can make a difference—both in results and insights. Prioritize the tasks that need to get done and divide each task into manageable parts. Get started today and find the “Aha’s” that make your community a better and happier place to call home.

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