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Community Wise – Episode 1

Episode 1 : Introducing a podcast that focuses on issues facing community associations and the volunteer board members who lead them.

Welcome to Community Wise. Brought to you by Wise Property Solutions.

Nathan Flora: Welcome to the Community Wise podcast. I am Nathan Flora and I am here with Joe Wise.

Joe Wise: Hello.

Nathan: Today we’re talking about the podcasts.

Joe: Indeed we are. I bet you want to know what the podcast is about.

Nathan: I want to know what the podcast is about.

Joe: I think that would be a great topic to address today. What we’re wanting to do is create a podcast that addresses the concerns, the questions, the issues that volunteer leaders of community associations face in their day-to-day efforts on behalf of their condominiums or homeowners’ association.

Nathan: And, and we’re got a little experience in that. I mean–

Joe: We do.

Nathan: We’ve both been on homeowner boards. We’ve both lived in these types of communities and we’ve been serving for several years these neighborhoods. And we’ve lived and we’ve learned and we’ve got some things we think might be helpful to help us all work together.

Joe: Certainly. And I think we both came to this by or other professional endeavors. We were the volunteer homeowners serving on those boards and we encountered the same sorts of questions in two very different kinds of communities, and as we work with clients today, professionally serving common interest communities, we still see many of the same challenges and issues. And our hope with this podcast is to present informational content that’s helpful to those men and women serving as volunteers. I, as you know, completed the highest professional designation within our—

Nathan: You’re the big cheese.

Joe: Certainly. The Professional Community Association Manager designation. That’s a designation given by the Community Associations Institute and represents the culmination of a five-plus year process and makes us unique in this market to have a PCAM as a part of our team.

Nathan: Yeah. The only accredited management company in this region.

Joe: That is correct. There are four in the state; three in Nashville and us – not in Nashville.

Nathan: Now, it occurs to me that one of the reasons we want to do a podcast is because sometimes it’s just easier to talk about things and pick up some nuances in the discussion that doesn’t come through when you’re reading an email or a newsletter or some other types of information.

Joe: That’s right. That’s right. And it also I think opens up a breadth of professional expertise to our listeners that might otherwise not be available. There are attorneys; there are accountants; there are engineers. There are a whole array of professionals that serve common interest communities and by talking about it in this forum we can equip board members with information that will be helpful to them as they make important decisions that will affect not just their association today but their association five, ten, 25 or 35 years from now. And the sooner we can get started on that the more help we can bring.

Nathan: So in addition to me and you, we might have some guests?

Joe: Absolutely. We’re going to think about inviting some engineers that are familiar with reserve studies. Attorneys that can deal with questions of governance, questions of handling delinquencies. Accountants who may be able to help map out internal controls that your association – whether it’s professionally managed or self-managed – can use to protect those critical assets that belong to the homeowners’ association.

Nathan: And so we’re talking to board members. We’re talking to homeowners in these neighborhoods. We’re talking to potential buyers who want to figure out what is living in a homeowners’ association all about.

Joe: That’s right. We want to come up with some common vocabulary that can help those folks be a part of making those decisions, understanding what those decisions are, being clear about what their responsibilities are as set forth in their governing document and state law and really set them on a course to make the best possible decision with the best possible information for their association.

Nathan: And there’s even some other friends that might benefit from this. Realtors. Bankers. Lenders. Even contractors who do work for neighborhoods of this nature.

Joe: Developers.

Nathan: Yes.

Joe: Though we haven’t seen much development in the last couple of years, I think that’s certainly going to be changing in the coming months and years and they need to be asking these sorts of questions because the things they set in place now can have long term implications for the neighborhoods they’re envisioning and ultimately creating.

Nathan: So. There you have it. That’s what we’re going to be doing with the podcasts. We hope you’ll tune in. If you have any specific responses you want to give us back about Community Wise and the podcast you can email us at podcast@wisepropertysolutions.com or visit our website. Where else?

Joe: I think you can find some helpful information on our website. In addition the podcast, Community Wise, we also have other content on our website in the form of our e-newsletter that would be another helpful resource to those serving, and we would encourage you to take advantage of that. While we serve professionally common interest communities, this program is not intended exclusively for our clients. This program is really intended to be of help to our clients but it’s also intended to be of help to those communities that may be managed by others or may be self-managed by the volunteers who serve on those boards. So, we want to be a resource that can help across an array of communities and if there are ways or topics that we can address that will help you do that let us know. We want to create the podcast with you in mind.

This episode of Community Wise was hosted by Nathan Flora and Joe Wise and is a production of Wise Property Solutions. For more helpful information, visit us on the web at wisepropertysolutions.com where you can view our blog and sign up for our e-newsletter.


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