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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Homeowners associations may periodically get negative media attention, but there are lots of good reasons to consider a homeowner in a common interest community.

Female:               Welcome to Community Watch brought to you by Wise Property Solutions.


Joe Wise:            We’ve all seen the reports on the evening news or in our newspapers or online that have really called into question why anyone in their right mind would want to live in a homeowners association.


Nathan Flora:      I chose to do it.  I think there are a lot of good reasons.


Joe Wise:            That really doesn’t prove anything, Nathan.


Nathan Flora:      Oh, my gosh.


Joe Wise:            So did I though.  And in all seriousness a homeowners association provides an opportunity for home ownership that can achieve a lot of different benefits.  I know in my community when I bought my condominium, part of the appeal was the design of the community, the particular look.  It was a less expensive housing option than a single family home.  It provided for common maintenance in terms of the roofing and the mowing and snow removal and some of those kinds of services.  And it did so in a way that was really cost effective when I would have compared it to going and hiring out all those services independently in a single family home.


Nathan Flora:      Yeah, and also they provide common amenities like swimming pools, tennis courts.


Joe Wise:            Walking trails.


Nathan Flora:      Exercise facilities at times.  There are lots of convenient and affordably priced amenities that you can achieve in a common interest development that…


Joe Wise:            Wouldn’t be possible to most single family homes.  And I think that’s the key.  And that’s why we see nationally over the last decades the growing number of homes that are being purchased in common interest communities.  They provide the security of particular kinds of covenants that protect property from being allowed to fall into disrepair and neglect.  They provide for many of these wonderful common amenities as you mentioned – clubhouses and pools and marinas and fitness facilities and so forth.  And also provide a community for people.  There are a lot of communities out there that, through their clubhouse and the social activities really become more than just a subdivision per se but really become little communities in and of their own right where neighbors are involved with one another socially.  And there really is a positive vibe in the neighborhood.  So homeowners associations really don’t deserve the bad rap that, I think, sometimes they get.  And it’s important for homeowners in a homeowners association to realize that the association they get is the association they work to achieve.  And so it’s not easy.  It’s not maintenance-free living but what it is is it’s an opportunity to engage with your neighbors in the purest form of democracy.  Get involved and be a part of prescribing the resolutions and be a part of being the solution in your community association.  As we’ve had the wonderful privilege of working with lots of homeowners associations and many, many board members over the years.  And I count it a great pleasure to have been acquainted with many of them because they’ve really made tremendous commitments to their neighborhood often unsung that people didn’t realize just how much value those people’s contributions represented to the neighborhood as a whole.


Nathan Flora:      Absolutely right.  There are a lot of positive features to living in a common interest development and a lot of positive features to getting involved as a committee member or a board member.  I personally have found it to be a satisfying and a great learning experience and would encourage many people out there living in these communities to try getting involved.


Joe Wise.            Make the most of it.  Make your community a great place to live.


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