Rules are rules in a homeowner association. Whether an infraction is minor or a flagrant violation, consistent enforcement among homeowners is a must. Rules should be written so that violations aren’t left up to interpretation. If your HOA Board is letting some violations slide, you’re leaving your community vulnerable to major conflict. Do your HOA rules pass these four common issues?

  1. Precedent: Many people choose to live in an HOA because they don’t want to live next to a bright blue or hot pink house. They prefer architectural and aesthetic rules to help protect home values. If your Board allows a homeowner to deviate from approved door colors or design, expect others follow. Conflict will ensue. Letting deviations slide opens the door tothis conflict. Don’t open this door.
  2. Intent: Are the rules in your community clear? Vague rules subject the Board to homeowner conflict and/or lawsuits. Take an objective look at your HOA rules. Are they clear or do they leave interpretation up to the owner? Clarity is as important as enforcement.
  3. Politics: Are you treating every homeowner equally or do you allow relationships to play into rule enforcement? Equal treatment should be one of the foundations for your HOA’s governance. If you allow politics to play a role in your enforcement, be assured you will see conflicts among Board members and homeowners develop.
  4. Costs: How is your HOA financially? When a homeowner continues to disregard rules in spite of your efforts to achieve compliance, legal costs can quickly escalate. A best practice: don’t put yourself in this situation. It’s much easier to implement clear rules, that you can enforce, than subject the association to lawsuits. However, violations will happen, so you need the financial means to take appropriate legal action. Allowing cost to become a deterrent undermines the value and efficacy of your association’s rules and policies.

Are community rules and enforcement creating havoc in your HOA? If you’re not where you need to be, Wise Property Solutions can help you develop clearer rules and enforcement policies. Start your journey to restoring peace and tranquility in your community today. Make sure your rules pass these four issues!

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