Life is busy for almost everyone, so you need to appeal in the right way to move homeowners into action. That’s why it’s challenging to get homeowners to volunteer in your community. But, tap into the passion, and you’ll have a community volunteer that embraces their responsibilities to the neighborhood. Volunteers are a valuable resource for HOAs, so it’s important to remind owners that volunteer efforts benefit every homeowner as well as the entire community. Below are six secrets to boost volunteer participation in your homeowner association.

Know your owners – To get the volunteers you need when you need them, you have to know the skills that your owners possess. Appealing for help when it’s their area of expertise makes it easier to say yes. Be clear about what the project entails so that when volunteers commit, they understand the expectations and their responsibilities.

Initiate sub committees – It’s easier to commit to serving on a team than being responsible for a task on your own. Create more loyalty and networking among owners through sub-committees.

Identify capable chairperson – Committees rely on the leadership of the chairperson. This person must be able to appeal to and motivate potential and existing members. Successful committees require strong leadership.

Make volunteering convenient – Many homeowners have a full life and can’t commit to a specific number of hours or times for weekly meetings. If a project lends itself to alternatives, you may find some owners will commit. Ask volunteers to help at an annual event, or find work that can be done at any time of the day. For example, updating the HOA website is easily done from home when there’s a convenient time during the day.

Add some fun – Even the most mundane tasks never seem like work when it’s having fun. Don your creative hat and come up with ways to have fun or make it rewarding. If your volunteers are working on a mundane task, bring in a pizza lunch or dessert tray to give them a boost. Little things count and make people want to say “yes” the next time you ask them for help.

Appreciate your volunteers – People volunteer because they want to make a difference, and they appreciate being recognized. A letter, a luncheon or just a simple thank you for all you’ve done goes a long way in keeping HOA volunteers happy. Express your thanks often so volunteers know that they are doing something meaningful for the community.


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