Almost all community associations have standing committees….those teams formed to oversee welcoming people to their new community, organizing the annual get-together, reviewing of covenants, etc.  On the other hand, special committees usually evolve from a pressing issue that needs attention.  Whether the Board is forming a standing or special committee, they still have to decide on the mission, the members, who chairs it, and the timeframe.

It’s important to note that although a board can delegate certain powers to a committee, it’s the board that’s ultimately responsible for the decisions it makes based on the work of a committee. So, the importance of forming first-rate committees in your community takes on a whole new light.

Who serves on a committee

The function of a committee determines the members and leader.  When you’re looking for people to serve on an HOA committee, consider experience and expertise that you need. For example, choose great networkers and communicators for at least some of the members of a committee charged with communication. Expertise has to be balanced with time to serve. It’s important to talk with each potential member to find out if he or she can devote sufficient time to the committee.

How a committee operates

After a committee is appointed, the first meeting is used to decide on the scope of the task, meeting schedule, and who takes on individual tasks. It’s helpful to establish a timeline and milestones for progress on each task. The committee and Board should agree on the timing of tasks as well as regular reports to the Board.

When a committee disbands

When a committee concludes its task, the committee chair reports the findings and recommendations to the HOA board and managers.  Individual committee members may supplement the discussion and answer questions from the Board.  After the Board’s vote, the work of a special committee is usually concluded and the committee disbands. Standing committees are permanent, but members often rotate on and off the committee.

Every HOA Board has to determine the types of committees that work best for it. Boards may need to experiment, keeping in mind that committees are tools used to improve the association. The right committee today may not be right in the future. The challenge is staying flexible so you make the most of your HOA committees….. today and tomorrow.


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