Does your community association appeal to potential owners? Does it have what people want in the place they call home? Here are the top six reasons why people choose to live in a well-managed homeowner association.


  1. Amenities play a big role in where people choose a home. A well-maintained pool, clubhouse, walking trails, playgrounds and other common elements are important to buying decisions. Many homeowners can’t afford these amenities in single-family home. Nor do they want the maintenance responsibility, so living in a well-managed association allows them to enjoy a variety of amenities.
  2. Property is aesthetically pleasing in a well-managed community. Conformity rules and regulations means beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder. Homeowners like knowing that there are maintenance regulations and upkeep to protect the value of one of their most important assets—their home.
  3. Homeowner associations are ideal for identifying common interests and bonding with your neighbors. Tennis players typically choose communities with tennis courts. Pool lovers choose places with pools. Association living is a great place to extend your friend network.
  4. It’s reassuring to know that a reserve fund and plan is in place for future repairs and capital improvements. This gives homeowners peace of mind about property maintenance as well as reducing the likelihood of special assessments.
  5. A Board of Directors for the association enforces rules and deals with neighborhood problems, which reduces confrontations for other homeowners. This extra support is something you don’t have in a single-family home.
  6. Volunteer opportunities abound, so homeowners can get involved in creating a thriving community. Homeowners can do as little or as much as they desire, depending on skills and their available time.


In today’s busy world, more homeowners prefer amenities without all the maintenance headaches and responsibility. If you did a self-check in your community, how would you rate? Make your community the place that people want to call home.




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