Internet technology has changed the way we communicate, shop and conduct our personal business. Look around you at how connected we are. More and more people turn to Internet for news, social conversations, paying bills, shopping, etc.  Smart phones have made Internet available on the go. Because a wealth of information is just a click away, it’s become an expectation for many of us. Is your HOA Board taking advantage of website communication that’s right for your community?

Online communications are quick and efficient, so this tool can save time for your communications team.  If it replaces some printed mailings, your association can also save money on paper and postage.  However, a website is just one communication tool. An effective communication plan must:

  • Conform to the communication requirements in your governing documents
  • Include alternative methods that meet a variety of homeowner preferences (this is very important for non-internet users)
  • Be user-friendly for homeowners
  • Meet state and federal regulations regarding association communications

According to the U.S. Census report on Computer and Internet Use for Households: 2013, 84% of Americans have a home computer. This means that a website can be an important communication tool when you keep it up-to-date. It’s ideal to communicate events and other neighborhood announcements. Talk to your homeowners about their communication preferences to find out if a website could help the community stay informed.

Website content and features vary greatly from one association to another. Some HOA Boards choose a page where they post general information. Others choose to develop an online portal with real-time account data where homeowners can pay assessments. Still others need a marketing tool to attract new homeowners. Your property management company can help you develop the right solution for your association.

Updates are a must for a website if you want homeowners to use it. The community will enjoy the 24/7 access to information when it’s needed, which has been become an expectation in today’s world. It’s another tool in your communication plan. Take a look at your website. Is it working for you?


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