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Gated Communities

Wise Property Solutions serves gated communities.  A Gated Community can provide homeowners with an added sense of security.  In addition to managing common areas the board also must consider issues for homeowner and guest access to the community. Wise Property Solutions understands that gated community associations are unique in the management services they require.  Our services support the association board in fulfilling the association’s obligations as set forth in its governing documents.

  • Annual Elections/Annual Meetings
  • Attend Periodic Board of Directors Meetings
  • Monthly/Annual Assessments
  • Monthly/Annual Collection of Assessments
  • Monthly Past Due Notification to Owners
  • Payment of Bills
  • Banking & Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Mail Processing and Correspondence
  • Community Web Site
  • Monthly Financial Reports (e.g. Income & Expense, Balance Sheet, and Accounts Receivable)
  • Maintenance Bidding and Scheduling
  • Contact Point for Homeowners
  • Liaison for Escrow Companies and Resale Certificates
  • Financial Management of Assets & Fund Balance as Needed
  • Covenant Enforcement
  • Other Services as Agreed Upon by the Board of Directors

“I have served on our community board and worked closely with Joe Wise of Wise Property Solutions for several years. It was my experience that Joe was very professional, organized, and knowledgeable in all of our community affairs. Based upon my experience with Joe and his staff, I would recommend them to any community looking for professional management and leadership.”

David B

Association Board Member

“My wife and I have lived in two gated and one open community. When the developer gave residents full control of our open community we realized that professional assistance was necessary. After interviewing several candidates it was apparent that Wise Property Solutions was the best fit and were very capable of providing the services we required.

“With their help a sound financial program was developed, vendors evaluated and selected, insurance needs evaluated, plus other needs all communities face. Wise Property Solutions is especially strong in providing executive service to the Board and Committees. When decisions are made they are implemented and enforced by WPS under the general direction of the Board. Words that describe their delivery of services include tactful, kind, friendly, efficient, prompt, competent, and supportive.

“When you realize you need professional help with the many problems your planned community face, give WPS the opportunity.”

Perry C

Association Board Member

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