Wise Property Solutions services a wide range of homeowners associations (HOA) throughout the Mountain South. Our firm enhances the value of each community we serve by providing consistent and professional management. We do this by preserving and enhancing the common properties, ensuring that individual properties are maintained to the community standard.

We are there to take care of the association’s business. We provide a prompt and professional response to homeowner and vendor contacts and support the board in establishing policies which serve to maintain the value of each owner’s investment in the community.


  • Annual Elections/Annual MeetingsAttend Periodic Board of Directors Meetings
  • Attend Periodic Board of Directors Meetings
  • Monthly/Annual Assessments
  • Monthly/Annual Collection of Assessments
  • Monthly Past Due Notification to Owners
  • Payment of Bills
  • Banking & Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Mail Processing and Correspondence
  • Community Web Site
  • Monthly Financial Reports (e.g. Income & Expense, Balance Sheet, and Accounts Receivable)
  • Maintenance Bidding and Scheduling
  • Contact Point for Homeowners
  • Liaison for Escrow Companies and Resale Certificates
  • Financial Management of Assets & Fund Balance as Needed
  • Covenant Enforcement
  • Other Services as Agreed Upon by the Board of Directors

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